❣ There are many tools used to serve Digital Marketing strategy. But is the goal of each tool the same?

❣ In implementing a Digital Marketing strategy, you should not use only one tool. Combining tools effectively will make it easier for you to achieve your business goals. So what goals will each tool serve?

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☘ 5 The main objective of Digital Marketing strategy

👉 Approach the right target customers of your business

👉 Attract customers effectively

Urge users to make a specific conversion

👉 Balance the budget for your marketing campaign

👉 Achieve a high ROI

☘ Below, NEW MEDIA, the net helps you to target using the tools your business often uses for digital marketing strategy.

1. Email Marketing

👉 Email Marketing is a simple, effective, and economical Digital Marketing tool. This is a very popular tool in the digital marketing strategies of the business.

👉 Using Email Marketing is a highly effective and cost-effective way for businesses

When conducting an Email Marketing campaign, businesses usually aim for the following goals:

✅ Brand advertising

✅ Search for customers

✅ Customer care

✅ Send event invitations

✅ Building strong relationships with customers

2. SEM

👉 SEM or Search Engine Marketing includes activities performed with the aim of achieving high website traffic on search engines.

Authentic when using SEO

👉 Increase traffic to Business Websites in both quality and quantity.

👉 Direct users to directly access the Web site from search sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

👉 Make the Website appear in the Top 10 of search engines. This is also the premise for you to achieve the 2 goals above.

And finally, it’s indispensable to promote the brand and improve sales.

👉 Goal when using PPC

👉 Increase traffic to Business Websites.

👉 Increase the floating conversion rate, improve the number of products/services sold.

👉 Brand promotion widely

👉 Improve business profitability by selling more products and having more customers.

3. Social Media

✳Social Media is a powerful tool for your Digital Marketing strategy

✳ Like with other tools serving Digital Marketing strategy. Social Media is also used for many different purposes for businesses

✳ Promote interaction between users and users and between customers and businesses.

✳ Improve the ranking of the Website by sharing on social networking sites.

✳ Social Media can act as customer support and support channel.

4. Online Advertising

❇️ The goal when applying Online Advertising in the Digital Marketing strategy is ultimately to reach and turn potential customers into real customers for the business. But to achieve this great goal, Online Advertising first needs to accomplish smaller goals such as:

✅ Main dissemination of products/services, brands

✅ Understand the user

✅ Listen to customers’ voices…

5. Mobile Marketing

👉 This is a relatively new trend for many Vietnamese businesses. But Mobile Marketing promises to be a useful tool for the Digital Marketing strategies of businesses in the future.

👉 Mobile Marketing is a very useful tool for Digital Marketing strategy

This is an opportunity for businesses to deploy Mobile Marketing campaigns towards important goals such as:

✅ Park to different target audiences thanks to personalization.

✅ Gia increases brand awareness.

✅ Building a database on the foundation is the main concern of customers.

✅ Notify and direct customers’ interest in a specific business event or activity.

✅ Build customer loyalty to the brand or product.

✅The ultimate and most important goal is to increase sales of the business.

❣ Through goals that NEW MEDIA, the net provides some of the above Digital Marketing tools, hope readers have a better understanding of them. And know how to choose the most suitable tools for your Digital Marketing strategy

🌸 You see, there are a lot of small goals that need to be accomplished before moving on to the most important part of increasing sales. So, please combine and use proficiently the above Digital Marketing tools to achieve the best results. And if you have any questions related to Digital Marketing in general and Online Marketing in particular.

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