Youtube advertising is a form for appearing promotional videos of product services that are

displayed in the head or between a certain video that customers want to watch or are

watching on Youtube.

Types of Youtube ads

👉 Trueview in Stream Ads Ads

👉 Buffer ads (also known as 6s ads)

👉 Trueview Discovery ads

What should I advertise on Youtube?

❌ Create a YouTube strategy: What are your business goals on the Internet and on

YouTube?  Megaon advises only effective matching strategies when you tell the exact goal

of your business.

❌ Increased brand awareness and brand engagement?

❌ Create more leads and convert?

Attract more traffic to your website?

❌ Improve sales?

❌ Get clear goals is how Megaon helps you get the right type of video for your channel so

that you quickly achieve your development planning goals.

👉 If you want to increase brand awareness and create sales funnels, Megan will help you

achieve those goals by:

Branding videos showcase your business with core values.

Video interviews with influencers in the industry in which your business is located

Product-service videos show off the open interest your business can make to your target audience.

❌When you create compelling videos, you will grab the attention of people, continue to nurture these potential customers.  ❌

NEW MEDIA is always confident that can help your business increase sales, be more known to customers.

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