Why Digital Marketing plays a primary role in the development of the business ?

🎈 With the development of media, and the saturation of traditional Marketing, businesses today are also gradually shifting, with more emphasis on Digital Marketing campaigns.

🎈 In the past five decades, the old marketing methods have often brought about remarkable results, but times have changed, with the development of social networks, video websites, e-commerce, the past two years have been a period when the trade industry has undergone many changes.

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❣ Digital marketing strategies can bring advantages to businesses, especially start-ups, to help introduce themselves to customers, as well as raise brands.  However, businesses are often stuck in choosing the right Digital Marketing strategy, partly because of the lack of human resources, and specialized marketing skills.  In this article, Le Minh Hoang introduces readers to some popular commonly used Digital Marketing methods:

❌ Email Marketing ❌

It has always been argued that Email Marketing is unnecessary, redundant.  However, in reality, it always plays an important role in Digital Marketing campaigns.  In a recent survey conducted by Request Metric, it was found that email marketing has an impressive ROI (Return on Investment) index of 122%.

☘ This number is four times higher than other marketing channels analyzed, including paid search, direct mailing, and social media.  Email Marketing is indeed a raw gem that is often ignored by marketers investing.  The bottom line of email marketing’s success lies in its compelling headline, compelling content, bold bullet points, and mobile optimization.

❌ Social Media Marketing ❌

social media marketing Why Digital Marketing Plays An Important Role For Business Development

Because the importance of Social Media Marketing has been recognized by all the world’s leading marketing experts, it can be said that in any Digital Marketing campaign, Social Media Marketing is indispensable.  The budget for the Social Media Marketing campaign is expected to increase from $ 32 billion in 2017 to $ 48 billion in 2021. 89% of marketers when asked said social media marketing campaigns have been a bridge between businesses with customers.

Not only increases sales, but Social Media Marketing also helps increase traffic to the Website.  In addition, it also helps to create loyal customers, find potential customers, and improve search results in search rankings.  Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, and so on, all have different types of users.  Understanding social networks and business audiences, then planning social marketing is an indispensable job.

❌ Content Marketing ❌

Content marketing is a strategy that involves creating, publishing, and distributing content that is relevant and valuable to a target audience.  Content Marketing is considered as the core strategy, determining the success of the Digital Marketing campaign.

Content Marketing can be in the form of articles, videos, posters, blogs … and many other forms of content creation, the ultimate goal is to attract the attention of the audience on the content you want to promote.  The worldwide revenue of content marketing in 2017 was 32.1 billion dollars, with 90% of B2C organizations and 88% of B2B organizations using content marketing.  This marketing method helps to build long-term relationships with customers, increases the prestige and image of the business in the eyes of customers, helps improve brand awareness.

In addition, content marketing also helps to support SEO effectively.  For small start-ups, an effective strategy is not about delivering quick results, but rather steady growth and long-term benefits.

❌ Pay-Per-Click Marketing ❌

Pay-per-click (PPC), typically Google Adwords, is a strategy that uses advertising on search engines to attract visitors to the company’s website.  PPC helps find potential customers who are willing to buy.  PPC offers many advertising advantages.  For example, it helps to attract users to the Web at the desired time, right keywords, thereby increasing ROI high, because advertising only charges per customer click.

For PPC advertising there is always some transparency and clarity, in terms of marketing costs, and also minimal predictions for the outcome.  In addition, PPC also helps to collect important data, detailed information, to complement other marketing plans.

However, it’s worth noting that PPC can drain your budget pretty quickly if you don’t set a limit on your budget, and if the content is unimpressive, it will be hard to generate a high conversion value.  Therefore, the mix of content is extremely important so that the cost of the click is not wasted.

❣ With startups, there is always fierce competition to assert its foothold in the market.  In the current context, the use of Digital Marketing is almost mandatory for businesses to introduce themselves to customers ❣️

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