Where is the best place to shoot?

Where is the best place to shoot?

❓ Are you wondering how beautiful pictures are being made, or how are full HD 4k videos produced ??

❓What is the creative setup process for a set of photos, a video for individuals, large and small businesses? Or do you simply think amateurs are good enough?

❓Let the professionalism from NEW MEDIA, with our team of experienced in artistic creation, create beautiful photos with the most impressive impression for your images and images for your business.

🔔 Where to go search for far

🔔 What is supported by NEW MEDIA ??

💯💯 Hue photography service is popular, how about discovering Hue your way with photography angle from Photography ??

💯💯 Many young people choose Nhiep when coming to Hue to capture the “best” moments with our dream Hue.

Not only that, but he also shoots and takes pictures for businesses all over the region. Some businesses trust Photography Media’s photo production unit, they have also spent more heavily on photo and video production with support throughout the process for businesses.

😍Photography is quite hot nowadays?

It’s correct! Photography service is popular, not only in big cities but also in rural areas, it has also developed strongly, even becoming much more professional, with the support of higher quality and higher technical equipment produces the most beautiful and best quality products.

😍Come to Nhiep to enjoy the most beautiful products brought to you.


      👉 EVENT SHOOTING package is only 1750k

      👉 PRODUCT SHOOT PACKAGE is only 900K

Along with technical equipment from NEW MEDIA

      👉 Full HD video recording equipment

      👉 High-quality photo capture equipment

      👉 Accessories for shooting

      👉 Film editing equipment

      👉 Video editing software

      👉 Creative team in the field of photography from NEW MEDIA

Please contact us immediately for advice and choose the best preferential service package, NEW MEDIA will provide you with the highest quality and most cost-effective image and video products. You are not afraid to choose.


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