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🎯 The viral video campaign is trending because it offers great effectiveness and influence.  Producers produce videos with scripts written from funny, playful stories integrated into their products and services, attracting viewers’ interest, in addition, they are clever.  Use Trends that are trending on social networking sites to combine to create a unique product.

️🎯 So what is Viral Video?  How do big brands create success with Viral Videos?

1. What is Viral?

📣 Viral is a common term in the marketing industry.  Viral is understood as a virus that transmits information, spreads information, interestingly and attractively for viewers to remember. Through videos with images, sound, attractive content, creatively viral with strong viral power.  

Therefore, the viral video has a great influence, so it is chosen by businesses and brands as a brand development campaign, bringing products to customers and emphasizing their brand in the market.

📣 Today, businesses use viral video in marketing as an effective tool.

📣 They produce viral images, viral videos, and get great attention from customers.

2. What is Viral Video’s impact?

📣 With the power to spread like a virus, the viral content has the appeal to the public, attacking customers with impressive images, an interesting moment that makes the public remember forever and stuck in my head.

📣 When many people care, it will easily form a social phenomenon.

📣 That is the goal that businesses are aiming for, the viral videos of social phenomena will then be known by many publics, from which the business will attract more customers, create profits and play.  develop yourself.

❗❗ In Vietnam nowadays, businesses use this campaign quite a lot, along with that in Photography Media, we currently have a promotion package to produce Viral Video for only VND 8,000.

3. What are the popular Viral Video campaigns today?

📣 Dien May Xanh’s viral campaign – Songs like “you want to buy television, go to Dien May Xanh, the lyrics seemed simple but Dien May Xanh made an impression, bringing the lyrics everywhere and most importantly, the name Dien May Xanh was mentioned a lot at that time.

📣 Shopee’s viral campaign – The saying “Bao Anh is done yet !!”  in a viral video has become familiar when it is mentioned by the online community quite a lot.  Thanks to that, Shopee has had great success with this viral marketing campaign and brought great results, becoming a leading e-commerce site.

NEW MEDIA is always confident that can help your business increase sales, be more known to customers.

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