The role of SEOer in overall Viral Marketing strategy

❣ You have listened to it somewhere and it is easy to see the advertisements and services of NEW MEDIA.  The net has “Internet Marketing Ads”

❣ To review the concept, what is Internet Marketing: I temporarily translate “It is the use of all the tools related to internet activities to promote and introduce a product or service to consumers.  use “.

❣ And you’ve heard the term “Viral Marketing” somewhere.

❣ I’m sure everyone heard the term “Virus”.  And the press often mentions Virus A, Virus B and has beneficial and harmful types, (in Vietnamese it is the poisonous germ, toxin).

❣ And the concept of Viral is the past participle of Virus, translating into Vietnamese is “spreading, spreading”.

The concept of Viral Marketing has many similarities with Internet Marketing.  But Viral Marketing is proactive, meaning that a certain owner or individual creates a virus campaign to spread in the online community to convey messages about their products and services.

❣ And not forever, this topic will emphasize the issue “The role of SEOer in the overall Viral Marketing strategy”.

❣ If any SEOer ever participated in a viral campaign or worked in big companies with an Online Marketing department, it will be easy to recognize and co-op with other areas in the campaign.

If during the war, during the general attack, or the guerrilla attack, the military must use all kinds of breasts from artillery, tanks, missiles, air force, then in your Viral strategy.  it is also necessary to make full use of those tools to create totality.  So whether to attack with infantry first or air force first… depends on the situation and reality, as well as the weapon capabilities.  What tools do you need to use in Viral?

☘ According to experience, you have done many Viral campaigns, then start SEO first.

1. Do SEO

When you have a campaign plan, from building budgets, costs, choosing tools and scripts for each tool, SEOers need to start doing the keyword that customers will search to.  In the coming time, when running the campaign, customers will search for more information on internet sources.  Whether the keyword in the script to Top or not depends on the SEOer and the difficulty of the keyword, so Marketing Managers need to plan early, at least get approval for plans and scripts 30 days in advance.

2. Social Network

Including sites that provide tools that allow all members to share information and interact online with each other.  Current popular sites such as Facebook, myspace, Linkedin, Twitter.  

Start building your Fanpage as soon as possible to have many members in it.  Because when the campaign starts, if you take advantage of these tools, the spread will be very fast…

3. Forum Seeding is a form of posting topics related to PR products and services on forums to create good public opinion about PR products and services.

4. Video sharing

You need to make some interesting clips related to the main message of the campaign early

5. E-mail marketing & SMS

You need to design a newsletter to send customers the information about the campaign… when customers read their mail, they will search google for information about you.  At this point, the role of SEO is promoted.

6. Digital Marketing

In the world of technology on the internet, there are many types of banners, from Magic Banner, Popup Banner, Magic Keyword, Avata Banner, then google Adword, static, dynamic, flash … countless (you do need  If you know more, then PM).

7. PR

Please write and post some topics and publish them in major electronic newspapers to increase the credibility of the campaign.  And from that article, the Seeders will take away the information from the forums.

8. Microsite

Depending on the campaign, you can design a microsite or landing page for the campaign

All of those viral activities have the shadow and important role of SEOer.  Hopefully, with this sharing, SEOers will easily coordinate with other teams when implementing a campaign and matching with each other.


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